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    FlowerstoEat.com Training Classes:

    I have been creating fruit bouquets for family events, and when the thought of doing this as a business came to me, I started looking for formal training. Soon I found ‘Flowers to Eat’ on the Internet along with a few other people . The Flowers to Eat arrangements had an appealing look and techniques that distinguished them from other websites and suppliers. You could tell those are artistically and thoughtfully designed bouquets. After comparing the training details from several other places I decided to go ahead with the Flowers to Eat. My communication from the beginning was very well taken and answered by Nancy and Ruth. I loved working with both of them. I felt very confident and comfortable with the whole idea of doing this as a business after the training.

    Ruth is a perfectionist, hard working, determined and very generous person who would always teach you the best and guide at each step of the training. I liked her training style which is very hands on and explaining the details on different aspects of business, marketing, sales. They supplied enough details and are open to answer my questions after I finished the training.

    They helped me with some of the difficult questions where I wanted to customize my products, how the sales would work, best ways to market the new business and what to avoid, customer experiences, costing etc.

    I would recommend this training to anyone who is new would like a head start.

    Shikha Agrawal
    Twinsburg ,Ohio

    The class I took at Flowers to Eat has given me the skills to take my own fruit bouquet business to the next level. Ruth’s passion for what she does is apparent, and her unbelievable wealth of knowledge pertaining to every aspect of the business is sure to save me thousands and thousands of dollars in the years to come. Not only did I learn tips and tricks pertaining specifically to the fruit and chocolate, I also learned many other easier (and less expensive) ways to run my all ready operating edible fruit bouquet business. I would highly recommend any of the classes at Flowers to Eat, and if at all possible, take them in Tampa as the things you learn just from being in their kitchen are priceless.

    Tina Schumaker,
    Owner of Absolutely Edible,
    LaCrosse, Wisconsin

    Taking my first lesson at Flowers to Eat was the best decision ever!

    I'm in the process of opening my own business and the staff at Flowers To Eat provided me with all of the information that I needed to jump start my own Endeavour. Not only did they show me how to make the most beautiful arrangements but also they shared all of their experience and know how saving me loads of time and money; if I hadn't attended their training I'm sure I would have wasted a lot of money in trying products and techniques that just don't work as well, by sharing their knowledge on what works and what doesn't they saved me tons of time and I'm sure I'll be able to be open to the public sooner than I expected. I was really happy to know that they are also always willing to answer any questions or explain anything further.

    I hope I can take their expert class soon!!! Thanks again guys!!!

    Paula Callejas
    FresaChocolate - Ecuador

    I started my business 5 months before taking the class at Flowers to Eat. Within two months of working, I realized that I needed to learn and sell more elegant and unique baskets. I began looking to see if anyone offered classes. I found two classes, Flowers to Eat, in Florida and another one in Los Angeles (which is where my store is located). After speaking with both companies I chose to fly across the country to learn from Flowers to Eat. While making my decision, Flowers to Eat was accommodating, kind and gave me clear and specific objectives for the class, as well as creating a custom class for me based on what I wanted to learn. They answered all my questions, told me exactly what I would be learning, provided me with all the information regarding supplies, techniques, suggested prices, organization suggestions and marketing materials.Taking this class taught me new skills but also made me very confident in the abilities that I already had. I left that class feeling that I had a strong foundation in terms of skills and it boosted my confidence in my creative ability to create new baskets in the future. Both Nancy and Ruth were extremely kind and helpful, answered every question imaginable while I was there and afterwards. I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning whether for business purposes or just for fun.

    Natalia Olarte, Fruit in a Basket

    I recently moved to Spain and thought this would be a great idea for a new business to introduce into their market but had no idea where or how to begin. Ruth and Nancy gave me all the tools to begin and move forward on my own professionally. I can proudly say that I make beautiful bouquets and get rave reviews from all my customers. And, without exaggeration, EVERY piece of advice that I was given on flower arranging is taken into consideration with every bouquet I make and business planning with every decision made simply because with time I realized they were right and it was the best advice. Ladies you have it down to an art, thanks so much for everything!!!!

    CC owner, Ramos de Sabor

    Flowers to Eat™ Highly Recommended!

    Olivia and I have truly been blessed to have crossed the path of Flowers to Eat™ and its staff. When we first came up with the idea to venture into this business my wife thought it would be best for us to undergo some formal training. When we searched the internet your business was the first to come up and we started to consider taking the class but thought that was a lot of money for us to afford to spend. I dismissed the idea of the class but Olivia was persistent and had the faith that God would provide; I later joined the journey of faith in God's provision. God truly is amazing and He worked out the finances for us to attend that class at a very critical time.

    We are truly grateful for your expertise in fruit arrangements. The techniques and knowledge you provided were so instrumental in our business venture thus far. Although the class was intense for the amount of knowledge we received in such a short time, it proved so beneficial to our understanding of the techniques and creativity necessary to offer such products. One may think the upfront cost of attending such a class may be much, but we dare say it is worth it because the money you will spend in ignorance trying to make it on your own will prove much more costly. What we do appreciate also is the support structure that you provide after the class; always interested in our progress, always willing to give additional advice or answer any questions, even being willing to assist in the ordering of supplies for us. We have certainly appreciated the head start that attending this class has given us and the confidence it has given us to stand on our own and develop our business as we continue into the future. Ruth you have exceptional talent and your warm personality compliments your work and what your offer to your customers and students. Nancy is also an excellent inclusion to your business and very helpful not only to the customers but the students alike.

    Thanks A Million!
    Olivia and Marlon, Owners of Unique Expressions

    Flowers to Eat - Fruity Flower Bouqet Classes

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